The Alarm Clock

“Mommy, you have to get up now!” The all too familiar sound of the alarm clock. You know the sound. True, for some it is the annoying sound of an insistent beep or maybe the blaring radio, reminding you that another day has begun and you must rise and shine, as they say. But for me it comes to the tune of a whiny three-year old reminding me that yes, another day has begun. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, my alarm clock goes off, without fail. So as you all know, I have to rise and shine and begin my day. Three cups of juice, a diaper change, breakfast number one and two!( yes my girls like to eat!) God Bless Dora the explorer for giving me a break for a quick shower! Of course, I don’t think I have made it through a whole shower without someone talking to me on the other side of the curtain. I take it in stride, knowing that once I feed them lunch at least one of them is taking a nap! Oh nap time!!! What a wonderful time of day! Short lived though! I have been here before, you know the place. The place in time when your sweet napping baby stops taking those naps! Oh yes, I know my days are numbered. At least I still have bedtime! Yes bedtime. The time in which I can kiss all my sweet girls goodnight and catch a few moments for myself and my hubby. So as the day goes on there is laundry and more diapers and dishes and sweeping the floor for the fourth time and diapers and screaming and arguing. When the occasional person is brave enough to come visit, they always wonder how I can handle the decibel at which my children play. I just answer with “After awhile, you don’t even hear it.” To be honest when that rare occasion happens upon me and I find myself home alone, I find myself sitting on the couch just starting off into space. It is actually kind of an uncomfortable feeling, “good” thing it doesn’t happen often. When I only had one child, I would frequent the grocery store during daytime hours. When I had two those trips became less frequent. Once I had girl number three those trips become scarce! Now I wait until bedtime or at least until Daddy is home. My husband wonders why it takes me so long at the grocery store. Well, I have a lot of groceries to buy! That and to be honest, I walk a little slow and tend to wonder. Now, I know what your thinking, but I will grab time for myself whenever possible. I deserve it! Even if that time is wandering aimlessly through Wal-mart staring at amazement at what people will wear out in public. I know my day may not sound to fascinating to you. Although I am sure some of you can relate. It is just another day in the life of a mom.


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