The Bucket List

Natalie Hill is a local 15 year old girl who had already lost her leg to cancer and now the cancer is back but in her lungs this time. She has been told that her life is coming to an end. She has made a Bucket List. The list consists of things like: pet a tiger, buy something from Gucci, work at Dutch bros for a day, shoot hoops in the Rose Garden with the Blazers, be on a TV show, get a tattoo, eat sushi, ride in a limo, have a boy sneak through her window, see a shooting star… Our community has been helping her mark things off her list. I am part of a fundraiser trying to raise money so Natalie can take her family on a trip to Boston(her favorite place) or Hawaii (both things on her list) once she gets done with this next round of chemo. I am donating my 20% commission from sales that are placed on my website under the Natalie Hill fundraiser event. Please visit my Perfectly Posh website and help this girl with one of her dreams. Be sure to unclick the ship to host! All hostess rewards will go to Natalie as well. Natalie wants just be able to go back to high school.


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